Teacher Training

Class Yoga Teacher Training 

Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children!
A training course for Primary School teachers and Yoga teachers

30th March – 3rd April 2017, Cornwall, UK

This course is designed with a strong focus on enabling teachers to provide yoga and mindfulness in school – as an underlying element throughout the school day, to provide in short classroom lesson breaks and as part of PE. Schools are encouraged to fund their teaching staff and allow them the last two days of term out of school to participate. Yoga teachers are also very welcome on this course, after which you will be confident, and accredited by the Yoga Alliance Professionals, to teach yoga to children aged 4-12 – in and out of school.


School teachers: with some knowledge and experience of yoga, who have attended a one day training or observed yoga classes previously in school, and who want learn how to lead yoga and mindfulness to enhance their classroom learning experience.

Yoga teachers: wanting to expand and develop their teaching skills, with a desire to share the love and the physical and mental benefits of yoga with young people, in or out of school.

Yoga practitioners from another profession: who work with, or have a keen desire to work with children, to share the proven benefits yoga and mindfulness bring to their young lives.

Venue: The Wellbeing Studios, St Agnes, Cornwall
Dates and times: 9am – 5.30pm Thursday 30th March – Monday 3rd April 
Investment: £545
Yoga Alliance Professionals Accreditation: 60 hours in Teaching Yoga to Children

For all details and Booking for this course please visit Class Yoga.


For Schools – Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness 1 day CPD

The perfect one day course for introducing school teachers to yoga and mindfulness in the classroom. Helen can come to your school or you can bring your staff out for a day at a studio.

This day will enable teachers to lead simple mindfulness techniques and teach basic yoga poses to their pupils in the classroom or as part of PE, as a way of calming, relaxing and focusing. A training manual is provided.

For those teachers then ready for a deeper learning immersion, take the full 5 day course Teach Yoga and Mindfulness to Children.

Enquire for cost and location options.

This was an excellent and inspiring day! My colleagues and I learnt a lot and we now feel eager and confident to include elements of yoga and mindfulness into our day, in order to calm and re-focus our learners. We are now also thinking about including it into the PE curriculum to combine the physical with the mental and emotional side, we can really see our pupils benefitting from it. 

 Helen was precise in achieving a balance between practical and theory. Her responses to teachers about how to deal with particular situations clearly showed her experience using yoga in the school setting with a variety of children with different needs.

 Overall, inspiring and recommended for schools wanting to learn more about yoga and mindfulness and how to incorporate it into an already busy school day – for the benefit of children and adults alike!”

Dr Tim Cook, Principal, Hillfort Academy Liskeard Cornwall

For Yoga Teachers and practitioners

Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children 1 day Workshop 
Saturday 26th August 2017, 9am – 5pm
MMI St Agnes, Cornwall
8 hour CPD


For yoga teachers wanting to expand their knowledge to teach children, and yoga practitioners of at least 5 years, this one day training workshop will introduce you to teaching yoga and mindfulness to children in the school setting and beyond.

The training day includes basic theory: discussing the needs of certain children and the differences in age groups, what aspects to consider in and out of school, lesson planning and how to teach across the age-groups. The rest of the training is practical, where you can practise a variety of class scenarios with direct feedback. A training manual is provided.

This CPD day is for currently qualified yoga teachers and other committed yoga practitioners, and is intended as an introduction or a ‘top-up’ in teaching yoga to children. It does not certify you in Teaching yoga to Children but evidence of the 8 CPD hours is given. For non-qualified yoga teachers and those ready for a deeper learning immersion, with full accreditation, see the full 5 day course in Teaching Yoga and Mindfulness to Children.


I signed up for Helen’s Teaching Yoga to Children CPD Course as I was hoping to learn how to teach yoga to children in a way that is safe, fun and enjoyable in order to help them connect to their breath, find a sense of calm and relaxation. I believe that yoga has the power to allow children to feel strong physically as well as emotionally, to build confidence and to teach mindfulness, to allow them to de-stress in order to take care of themselves and other – I certainly was not disappointed by Helen’s CPD course!

I was able to witness one of Helen’s great kids classes as well as one family class and certainly got more from the CPD course than I had expected.

Helen is such an amazing yoga teacher and inspiring person – I was blown away when I learned about all the amazing work and effort Helen has put into making yoga available to school children.

Having worked in paediatrics and knowing about the physical problems e.g. more sedative lifestyles, the increasing rate of childhood obesity and diabetes as well as emotional/behavioural problems children are presenting with nowadays I strongly believe that yoga has never been needed more and should be part of the curriculum – I hope one day we will be able to ‘prescribe yoga’ on the NHS.

I can’t recommend Helen’s Teaching Yoga to Children CPD Course enough – it was such an interesting and enjoyable course which left me feeling more confident than I had expected in regards to teaching yoga to children, knowing what to consider for the different age groups. – Anna, GP registrar RYT 200


Teen Yoga

1 – 5th July Glasgow, booking via teenyoga.co.uk

The Teen Yoga course will train you to teach yoga and mindfulness to 11-18 year olds. It has been constructed with the help of specialist adolescent Neuroscientists, Anatomists, Psychologists and Yoga Teachers. It is now taught in several continents across the world.

Charlotta Martinus launched this course for the first time in 2004 in response to the growing need to care for our young people and give them respite from stress and anxiety. She has now trained a select few of her experienced graduates, Helen Clare being one, to teach the course.

This course is unique, as the only fully fledged, Yoga Alliance accredited and insured TeenYoga course in the UK, working together with Leeds University Psychology Department, to measure outcomes of the mindfulness and yoga on young people, added to the actual experiential research to help support and structure the training course.

Dear Helen, you are a marvellous and inspirational teacher. Thank you! – Jill newly qualified TeenYoga Teacher 2015
Helen, many thanks for all your help! – Lesley newly qualified TeenYoga Teacher 2015

The course comes with a detailed and comprehensive manual, with plenty of practical lesson plans and ideas for you to use. In this manual you will find a detailed list of the benefits of yoga and a list of suitable postures for this particular age group, targeting specific issues. There is a special section on behaviour management.

This course qualifies you as a Level 3 Coach, within the Sports Partnership as well as qualifies you to access funding through Sportivate for your classes. The course is directed towards healthcare professionals, yoga teachers, school teachers, parents and anyone working with young people. You should have a consistent yoga practice and been practising for at least 2 years. 

As an accredited Teen Yoga Teacher Trainer, Helen is now teaching the acclaimed Teen Yoga Teacher Training course.

Thank you for sharing your gift of teaching with us xx Jo – newly qualified TeenYoga teacher 2015
A wonderful course Helen. Thank you for all your inspiration and encouragement x – Kate – newly qualified TeenYoga teacher 2015