Yoga for Shoulder Strength and Mobility

Saturday 7th April, 10am – 1pm

Gwills Yoga, Newquay, Cornwall

Many of us hold tension in the shoulders due to stress, driving, typing, surfing, running, carrying kids etc… And because of the intricacy of the shoulder joints and the amount of work we give them, they can be vulnerable to injury and complaints if we don’t treat them right! In this workshop we will explore a range of poses, exercises and techniques that help to effectively dissolve tension and increase mobility in the tight areas and build strength and stability in the weak areas.

We’ll focus on specific muscles of the shoulders, working through both dynamic Vinyasa yoga sequences and restorative Yin poses, plus some myo-fascial release.

Please bring 1 or 2 therapy balls (or tennis balls). Mats and other props are available at the studio.

This workshop is open to everyone, although some experience is preferable. Not suitable if you actually have a shoulder injury, in this case a one to one session is more appropriate – get in touch

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Reducing tension, increasing mobility and building strength to protect, feel strong, confident, tall, aligned and safe.

Booking essential: £25

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