Yoga Flow Running Workshop Series

Yoga Flow Running: Yoga for Runners Workshop Series

Yoga for Runners, Saturdays 10am-12pm

17th Feb, 3rd March and 17th March

Five Elements Yoga, Silverwell, near St Agnes

£18 per workshop or £45 for all 3

I’m very excited to present this series of three workshops, designed to offer runners of all levels an insight into what yoga can offer them – in terms of increasing strength, flexibility and mobility and enhancing breathing, focus and overall efficiency in running.

Each workshop has a particular anatomical focus, of strengthening and releasing key areas. Suitable for all levels or runner and yoga practitioner (unless you have a current injury*), these workshops will incorporate a mix of strengthening, dynamic practice, with releasing and relaxing, plus theory and discussion – there will also be an element of running drills involved!

You can book the workshops individually but doing all three is recommended to get the most benefit from the series.

17/2/18 Hips: Keep your ITB Happy

This workshop will focus on strengthening the pelvic stabilisers and releasing the TFL, which are the two main reasons runners develop IT band issues, resulting in lateral knee pain. Ensuring the the Gluteous Medius and Minimus are sufficiently strong, prevent the TFL from overworking and pulling excessively on the illiotibial band.

3/3/18 Core and Upper body: Improve Alignment

Strengthen your core and release tension in tight neck, shoulders, back and hip flexors. In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of ways to effectively strengthen all of the core muscles, which protect our spine and improve our posture and running alignment. Combined with releasing built up tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hip flexors, enables efficient, natural and injury free running.

17/3/18 Legs and Lower body: Stretch and Strengthen

In the final workshop we’ll look at the importance of strengthening the lower Gluteous Maximus and learn when and how to best lengthen the hamstrings and calves. You’ll get a chance to put into practice what you’ve learnt over the three workshops, by taking yoga into your running in a few barefoot running drills.

*If you’re suffering with an injury, a one to one session is more appropriate. Please get in touch.