Run Better with Yoga Weekend

Run Better with Yoga Weekend Retreat
3rd – 6th July 2020

Run Better with Yoga Weekend Retreat

July 3rd – 6th 2020

Improve your running, enhance your recovery and reduce injury.

Join us at Combe Grove Hotel and Spa this July for a long weekend of yoga and trail running in the beautiful Bath countryside.

Suitable for runners of all abilities – with or without experience of yoga. I’ll guide you through a series of yoga classes, that will not only benefit you as a runner, in terms of strengthening key muscle groups and enhancing flexibility and range of motion, breathing and alignment – but will show you how to take key yoga principles into your running, to help you run more efficiently and safely, reducing the risk of injury, increasing the ease and the fun… Ultimately, running safer, further and faster!

Super food vegan breakfast
Forest running trail
Combe Grove Hotel and Spa

Provisional Retreat Plan


  • Arrive from 4pm for welcome drinks
  • 5pm introduction to the weekend retreat, meet the group and the team
  • 5.30pm yoga designed to unwind from travelling and settle
  • 7pm delicious group dinner


  • 8-9.15am morning yoga to wake up and warm up, introducing the principle key elements of yoga for running
  • 9.30am power breakfast
  • 10.30 Run Better with Yoga technique practice and gait analysis filming
  • 11.30am 5 km guided technique trail run 
  • 1.30pm replenishing lunch back at the retreat
  • 2-4pm free time to enjoy the spa, with massage treatment options, explore the grounds, read, walk and relax
  • 5.30-7pm Yoga to release and recover
  • 7pm nourishing dinner 
  • Relax and watch gait analysis videos


  • 8-9.30am morning yoga to wake up and warm up, building upon yoga for running, including how to maintain proper alignment and breathe most efficiently
  • 9.30am power breakfast
  • 10.30 Run Better with Yoga technique practice
  • 11.30am 5 km guided technique trail run 
  • 1.30pm replenishing lunch at the retreat
  • 2-4pm free time to enjoy the spa and your beautiful surroundings or go for another run!
  • 5.30-7pm yoga to relax and recover
  • 7pm nourishing dinner
  • Evening walk


  • 8-9.30am yoga flow, how to develop your own home practice as part of your training
  • breakfast and departures by 11am
Combe Grove Yoga Studio
Combe Grove Twin Room
Combe Grove Terrace
Helen Clare yoga for runners
Forest trail running
Photo 6


Taught by Helen, the morning classes will be dynamic, strengthening and energising Vinyasa Yoga. Helen will introduce concepts of  Run Better with Yoga during these sessions and give you techniques to take into your trail run later in the morning. The sessions will also wake up the body and warm you up for the running workshops. The evening classes will be more restorative to stretch out tension, accumulated through running, helping you to recover faster. This retreat can be a great introduction for beginners to yoga, as well as building on knowledge for those with more experience and wanting to develop a home practice to aid with running.

I really enjoyed the weekend! Even though I was a complete beginner I was inspired by the yoga classes – since I got back I’ve done 30 mins of yoga every day so far! A highlight of the weekend! 🙂  Rachael, 2016

“Had such a fantastic weekend, exceeded my expectations.”  Meeta, 2017

“Thank you so much Helen. Great runs, wonderful yoga and fantastic food in a beautiful place.” Sue, 2017


The running workshops will be led by Helen and focus on bring the principles introduced in the morning yoga sessions to your running technique, with the aim to allow you to start to transition to a natural, efficient running style and technique.

“The running technique sessions and the runs were fabulous, great locations… The yoga sessions were fabulous and the link with running, strength and stretching flowed really well.” Bournemouth Joggers 2018

“I loved the running technique workshops. The video or our running gait was really helpful and I look forward to seeing the “after” running video to check whether I’ve improved in my technique.” Lisa, 2018

Combe Grove Hotel and Spa View
Combe Grove Twin Room
Combe Grove Spa


For 2020 we are very excited to partner with Combe Grove Spa and Hotel, situated in the stunning Bath countryside. Formally a country estate, this fully refurbished hotel and spa is right next to the Bath Skyline trail, has a beautiful yoga studio, amazing rooms and a spa with pool for you to enjoy.

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For more information and to book please head over to our new yoga and running site: Run Better with Yoga

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Excellent really comfortable retreat, good modern facilities in a very peaceful spot.  Helen and Paul, 2016 

“Thank you Helen, and everyone in our lovely group, this week end was really inspiring!! Can’t wait to book in again (; Really lived up to our expectations, worth every penny!”  Elodie, 2017

“Thank you Helen for great weekend, think it’s safe to say everyone loved it and had a great time.” Manda, 2017

“The morning sessions were a great way to wake up and start the day feeling energised.  The evening sessions were a lovely way to end the day making me feel calm and relaxed. The last retreat I spent with you had already inspired me to continue yoga, which I do weekly in a class now and I very much hope that I will make the time to do more home practice and work on my flexibility and core strength.  As always you were lovely and your delivery of your yoga classes is fabulous.” Lisa, 2018

What you get! Included In Your Retreat:

  • 3 night luxury stay
  • 3 evening restorative, recovery Yin yoga classes
  • 3 morning energising, strengthening Vinyasa yoga classes
  • 2 Run Better with Yoga workshops, led Helen
  • Individual video gait analysis
  • Individual yoga feedback and advice from Helen
  • 2 guided runs, suitable for any level of runner, to put into practice everything you have learnt
  • All your plant based superfood: Dinner on Friday evening, 3 meals on Saturday and Sunday, and breakfast Monday morning.

PLUS for 2020!

  • An invitation to join our private retreat Facebook group
  • A personal account on our new Run Better with Yoga studio with follow-up tutorials, notes and retreat gait analysis videos
  • 3 live online group coaching sessions after the retreat to help you implement what you have learnt!

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For more information and to book please head over to our new yoga and running site: Run Better with Yoga

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Run Better with Yoga Story

Run Better with Yoga and my Yoga Flow Running concept evolved naturally for me, after years of yoga practice and running!  After several running injuries, I knew there must be something I should be doing differently – after all, running is such a natural movement! I was used to moving with complete awareness in my yoga practice, with great anatomy knowledge and attention to finding that sweet balance of equal strength and flexibility, that I was sure there was a way that yoga could improve my running efficiency…

So, I really started to pay more attention to how I was running, and what muscles I was relying on, or should be using more. It didn’t take me long to find the connection – and let running be an extension of my yoga practice. I found that the key principles taken from yoga, such as alignment, posture, strength, flexibility, focus and breathing, enabled me to run more naturally, aiding efficiency, leading to injury free, fun running. Hooray!!

In 2019 we decided to create Run Better with Yoga where all our yoga and running based retreats and digital courses will now live. I hope you love the new dedicated yoga and running website, and to see you on a retreat or in our digital studio very soon!

See you on the trails, Helen.