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why runners fall over

3 Reasons Runners Fall Over – and how Yoga can help

Some of us seem to fall over more often than other runners – years ago, I used to have the occasional tumble, maybe you do too?!

Now, obviously there are rogue factors that we can’t do anything about: someone else falling/ crashing into us, a huge root/ rock that came out of nowhere (more on that below) – but here are the 3 most likely reasons that a runner will fall over, that with the help of yoga, we can over-come.

      1. Lack of core strength. There it is again, the ‘core’ cropping up in my posts but it really is the key to great running, including staying on your feet! Firstly, a strong torso means we can run with correct alignment and proper technique, making the second point below easy. Secondly, if we do trip on something, having great core strength often means we can recover from the fall before we hit the ground. What to do? All my classes, other that recovery/ Yin, involve core strengthening. But here’s a recent, core targeting video: 

      2. Not picking up the feet. We need to be actively lifting our feet up and back (heels towards butt), as soon as they touch the ground. This ensures that feet are landing in the right place for proper alignment and technique, keeps our cadence around 180 and means we are never ‘shuffling’ and risking tripping over that rogue rock/ branch. We are purposefully lifting our feet and not shuffling or striding forwards, this will prevent the majority of falls from occurring. What to do? Get your technique checked out (perhaps on one of our courses/ retreats), work on core strength and overall posture with yoga and start thinking about lifting the heel behind, not lifting the knees or feet forward.
      3. Not concentrating on what you’re doing! I love that running can be social – however, you cannot deny that chatting away means a lack of awareness on the task at hand: running efficiently, so that we can run for longer, faster, injury-free!! For the runner with the perfect technique that comes naturally with ease, this is less of an issue but for so many runners, running with proper technique requires focus. Even when correct technique becomes natural, staying mindfully aware of our body and surroundings is going to greatly reduce falls and other injuries. What to do? The gaze should be forward, so that we can see any obstacles ahead, occasionally dropping the gaze down but generally keeping the head upright. The right combination of yoga will help with strength and posture, but also with the ability to become really aware of our own body and surroundings, and to actually help us enjoy the process of the running itself, not just the social aspect 😉

Let us know your experiences in the comments just below!

If you’re interested in ‘running better with yoga’, take a look at our One Day Course, and the Weekend Retreat here.

yoga for feet and legs

Yoga for Runners: feet, ankles, Achilles, calves, shins

Healthy feet and lower legs, that are strong and flexible, are absolutely vital for finding your optimal running technique and staying injury free in this area. Don’t let this area be overlooked! 

This is a flowing Vinyasa yoga based class that covers all areas, including hamstrings, hips and core, but our main focus is taken to the feet and lower legs. We explore some creative ways to help maintain the stability that the foot should provide, how to maintain a strong, yet flexible Achilles tendon and calves, and stretching the elusive top of the feet and shins 😉 

Ideally do this 28 minute class on a non-running day, as much of it is standing sequences but we wind down with some floor based poses and a little myofascial release. Have a tennis ball to hand if possible.

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Helen Clare Yoga Teacher running in Cornwall

Yoga for Runners: Strength and Mobility, Release and Recover – New Video Series


I’m so excited to share this trailer with you! I’ve been working on these videos all year, and we’re finally ready to share them with the world! What do you think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments below! 

This week you may see the trailer out on social media, along with a competition to win a copy 🙂 Pre-order opens on Saturday 15th September for only £10, and the release date is 22nd September!

Strength and Mobility, Release and Recover

Run for longer & reduce injury, with these yoga classes, designed specifically for runners.

Yoga provides us with greater strength and flexibility, as well as release and recovery – leading to better running technique, reduced muscle fatigue and injury.

In this video collection, you get a pre-run strength and mobility class, a release and recover routine, as well as a short post-run sequence. 

In addition, you receive a guide relaxation class to help you relax, focus and visualise running with natural, ease and joy, the way running is meant to be!

Available to pre-order on September 15th! You’ll hear first via email, so make sure your on the mail list – enter your email and Connect.

Beach reflection

Cornwall Rejuvenating Weekend Retreat

Thank you to all the yoginis who came on the Rejuvenating Weekend Yoga Retreat in Cornwall this weekend and made it such a special experience for myself and the group. Each time I bring together a group of strangers on a yoga retreat I am so overjoyed at the connection formed so quickly between one another!

Our retreat began with a Friday evening class to physically ease out travel tension and emotionally bring our minds in tune with our body. Then, we got to eat! I was thrilled to get Sam Lomas on board for this retreat, having already worked with him on Tiree this Summer. I think I can speak for everyone in saying that we were super impressed with Sam’s cooking – he made everything from granola and bread to curry, lentil salad, beetroot burgers, avocado chocolate mousse to apple and blackberry crumble. He even picked the beetroot and the blackberries! We will be hearing much more from Sam very soon, and I will be encouraging him to share some recipes!

Saturday morning I got everyone warming up their hips and shoulders ready for the day: after breakfast we all walked to the beach from where I took a group on a coastal path run to Crantock; in the afternoon we went back to the beach for a swim! Saturday evening I took the chance to lead a very relaxing restorative class to re-lengthen muscles and turn inward. Sunday began with a core focussed asana practise followed by an 8 mile walk/run to St Agnes and back, with the afternoon spent relaxing in the Retreat. Each class I taught took a different focus, both anatomically and spiritually.

This was the very first group to stay in the much eagerly awaited Retreat at Lime House and we were all hugely impressed! Check out the new interior images we have added to the website.

We will be running this retreat again in next year – see the site for dates and booking details.