Relax and Release

Yin and Myofascial Release Workshop

Sunday 3rd December, 10am-1pm, Wellbeing Studio MMI St Agnes, Cornwall

Unwind and relieve deep tension in the last month of 2017, with this 3 hour long Yin and myofascial-release workshop.

Myofascial Release

Myofascial release is a form of pressure massage, that helps to break down ‘sticky’ fascia and tension in muscles. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use self myofascial release techniques, with balls, blocks and blankets, in combination with restorative Yin postures, to help with range of motion, injuries, scar tissues, tension, muscle recovery and function.

Yin Yoga

In a dynamic yoga practice only the fascia and superficial muscles are stretched – in Yin, each of the poses is held for up to 10 minutes, enabling access to the deeper, structural muscles. This is where real tension release occurs.

All students will appreciate the benefit of holding a series of relaxing and opening poses for longer and the fantastic sensation this brings to the mind, breathe and body.

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Lengthening the deeper, more structural muscles, by including Yin in your regular practice, will aid your regular Vinyasa practice and help you achieve deeper poses. For example, lengthening of the hamstrings and opening of the hips will help students with advanced asanas such as headstand, handstand and lotus.

A Yin practice is recommended to everyone, particularly athletes, to complement regular Vinyasa classes, and is a great way to practise at home.

This workshop is accredited as 3 hours of CPD by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Your investment for this workshop is £24. Booking essential. Please bring 2-3 massage/ tennis balls.