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Wishing that pain in your butt when you run would just go away?!

Wishing that pain in your butt when you run would just go away?!
Published on:
03 January 2024

Of course you are, we all want quick fixes when it comes to pain and injury - especially when they impact our ability to enjoy all the activities we love to do! There was a time when I would look for the fastest cure — in the form of massage, therapists and pain-killers...

But I was just spending more time and money looking for something external to heal me — when the truth was, I had the ability to heal myself all along (though I never would have thought so back then!)

The Lightbulb Moment!

When I eventually understood that almost all running related injuries come about from muscular imbalance (often down to bad technique and/ or posture), I discovered that I had the power to heal my injuries and prevent them coming back.

By recreating the right balance of strength and elasticity in my muscles with yoga ‘training’, I also developed a more natural running technique — meaning I started moving in a more efficient, injury-resilient, way.

So it’s no surprise that my students inside the Piriformis Pathway start feeling results from as early as the first class, as we get straight to work on targeting the key glute and hip muscles that are out of balance and causing pain.

Imagine a Pain-free Piriformis

Not only does the Piriformis Pathway guide you step-by-step to strengthening the right muscles and releasing tension from others in ~the most effective~ order, it helps to retrain bad movement patterns, so that you can start to move with more ease and joy.

The Piriformis Pathway is your at-home class plan, that combines yoga poses + modern strength + conditioning techniques, as well as myofascial release (self-applied massage) to rebuild the right stability and strength, whilst mobilising and releasing tension — that's going to be the answer you've been praying for!

Through a self-paced, digital course of 5 x 20 minute classes, you’ll...

  • Reduce and relieve your piriformis pain, so that you can enjoy doing all the things you love to do, pain-free again - from lounging on the sofa to chill; to crushing your half marathon training plan!
  • Build strength in your hips and glutes through these quick, simple and repeatable therapeutic yoga classes, so you can be rid of piriformis pain for good!
  • Finally be able to safely stretch and get into those pesky tight spots, to feel oh so good - loose, healthy and happy! - without the second wave of irritation that so often comes after a deep stretch
  • Improve your core and glute strength, hip mobility and posture… to stand taller, move/ run more efficiently and actually make the progress you deserve!

Incredibly just £47 right now!

Quickly and easily get back to being happy in your hips — and in your running — with me right here, today.