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How do I relieve my piriformis pain?

How do I relieve my piriformis pain?
Published on:
09 January 2024

You have sciatic pain... that feels like a deep pain beneath the glutes (could be ache, shooting or burn; it might even radiate down the back of your legs!)...

And as you've recently discovered, this is caused by your piriformis muscle being way too tight and tense that it's compressing your sciatic nerve!

There are many reasons why it might be doing this: such as sitting a lot, hyper-lordosis and bad running form (more on each of these in future posts!) - but the root cause is this...

Muscular Imbalance!

Why?? If all the small hip muscles aren’t working enough, as a community, then because of its position, piriformis picks up the slack and gets overworked.

We need to address this imbalance by following a simple pathway of the right type of poses, that...

  • increase muscular connection and stability
  • build strength
  • mobilise and get all the muscles to work together, as they should
  • then release tension with gentle self-applied massage techniques
  • and only then, finally follow with safe stretches

How do I do this?

This pathway is exactly what we do inside of my program, The Pain-free Piriformis Pathway!

The Pain-free Piriformis Pathway

The Pain-free Piriformis Pathway is a step by step 5 class series for piriformis pain sufferers, that’ll have you back to enjoying life and the activities you love - without that frustrating and excruciating pain in your butt!

Through a self-paced, digital course of 5 x 20 minute classes, you’ll...

  • Reduce and relieve your piriformis pain, so that you can enjoy doing all the things you love to do, pain-free again - from lounging on the sofa to chill; to crushing your half marathon training plan!
  • Build strength in your hips and glutes through these quick, simple and repeatable therapeutic yoga classes, so you can be rid of piriformis pain for good!
  • Finally be able to safely stretch and get into those pesky tight spots, to feel oh so good - loose, healthy and happy! (without the second wave of irritation that so often comes after a deep stretch)
  • Improve your core and glute strength, hip mobility and posture... to stand taller, move/ run more efficiently and actually make the progress you deserve!
  • When you do the right poses, in the right order, it really can be an easy fix to getting back to having a pain-free butt!!
  • It might take 1-2 days, weeks or months depending on your body and how far the problem has got — but you’ll know it’s working when you feel less of that frustrating pain and start enjoying all the things you love to do fully, again!