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Can I do Pigeon Pose with Piriformis Pain?

Can I do Pigeon Pose with Piriformis Pain?
Published on:
18 December 2023

I know when you're experiencing piriformis pain, all you want to do is stretch. But if you truly want to get rid of piriformis pain for good, then you've gotta do more than stretch. You need to strengthen.

If you have mild piriformis pain syndrome, stretching can help — but over-stretch or stretch without strengthening? — your pain could get worse or not go away

With mild piriformis pain you can stretch more than someone with a more severe case — but you must do the strength work as well!

Stretch & Strengthen

Why?? - because although your piriformis is tight and you crave that stretch to release sensation, the underlying cause of your pain is that the surrounding muscles aren't strong enough/ used enough.

So we need to treat both lack of strength in other muscles, plus gently stretching and releasing piriformis itself.

A common example

Many people with piriformis pain love the Pigeon pose — that deep stretch reaches the spots you need to reach.

Problem is, the relief is temporary and can actually feel like your piriformis has been irritated even more!

What to do instead

Use a Pigeon pose variation to strengthen as well as stretch, instead of just passively stretch!

Watch the video to see 2 variations: pigeon lifts and traditional pigeon pose.

Video: Heal Piriformis Pain Faster

Wrapping Up

Here's the thing though: most people with piriformis pain are going to struggle with the Pigeon lifts.

The lifts will feel really intense and challenging, when the reality is that if and when these feel easier, it's a good sign that you're successfully strengthening those supporting muscles (which is how you truly solve that piriformis pain, for good FYI!).

If you're ready to lose the piriformis pain for good so you can get back to enjoying life and the activities you love (without that frustrating and excruciating pain in your butt!), then join me inside the Pain-free Piriformis Pathway.

The Piriformis Pathway is your at-home class plan, that combines yoga poses + modern strength + conditioning techniques, as well as myofascial release (self-applied massage) to rebuild the right stability and strength, whilst mobilising and releasing tension - that's going to be the answer you've been praying for!

In this step-by-step, 5-class series, you'll learn the exact combination of stretching and strengthening, and in the exact order, that will help you build that strength and elasticity to finally and fully relieve your piriformis pain.

"Helen, I wanted to let you know that I'm so glad to find you after googling yoga for piriformis. I was having so much pain from a 10 year old piriformis injury last week, and this has given me so much relief!"

Imagine a Pain-free Piriformis

Imagine if....

  • You could move, run, heck — even sit comfortably again!
  • You didn’t need to keep going to pricey massage or physio appointments
  • There was a step by step plan that you could follow at home...
  • That didn’t take much time — but offered you the pain-relief you crave!

Through my training and in-depth anatomical study, working with clients and helping 1000s of piriformis pain sufferers, I’ve created this Pathway to guide you on a step-by-step journey to relieving that pain, once and for all! Get started with my system in a simple course of 5 classes, for you to do in your own time, at home right here.