Hips: Flexibility and Support Workshop

Hips: Flexibility and Support 

The hips, along with the shoulders, are the most used joints in the body! Hence, they are often an area of tension, imbalance and the cause of pain, here or elsewhere, such as the knees.

In this workshop, we’ll explore the various muscles of the hips and their functions – finding our personal areas of strength, tension, weakness and flexibility, so that we can bring greater awareness to such an important and complex area. 

You’ll learn strengthening sequences and techniques, to balance and stabilise the hips, reducing the risk of dysfunction and injury in the hips and knees. Plus, we’ll practise juicy poses that release tension from the deeper muscles, to enable increased range of movement and flexibility.

This 3 hour workshop will involve strengthening work, Vinyasa flow and workshopping poses. Some yoga experience required. Not suitable for those with hip injury/ complaint, as a one to one session is more appropriate.