Backbends: Health and Grace

Saturday 21st July

10am – 1pm

Gwills Yoga, Newquay


We see deep back-bending postures all over Instagram because the shapes just look so beautiful and elegant!! But many of these poses aren’t created with stability and benefitting the spine. Yet, when done correctly, with strength and mobility, backbends can be incredibly therapeutic for the spine and whole body.

In this workshop, we’ll explore a range of different backbend postures, that effectively strengthening the back and lengthen the spine – potentially relieving back ache and improving posture.


We’ll also work towards some more advanced asana in deeper backbends and how to come into them safely, respecting our individual bodies and looking at how they can benefit us physically and emotionally, as well as look great.

This 3 hour workshop will involve strengthening work, Vinyasa flow and workshopping poses. Some yoga experience required. Not suitable for those with back injury/ complaint, as a one to one session is more appropriate.