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Hey! If we haven’t met yet, I’m Helen…

Senior Yoga Teacher, hip, core and functional movement specialist, helping you to build strength from the core and glutes out – to heal pain and move with more strength and ease!

My goal is to guide you to finally feel stronger and get back to doing all the stuff you love! Whether that’s running, playing with the kids, gardening or golfing – with a new-found-feeling of whole-body strength and freedom… all in manageable moments, from your own home!

I’ve been teaching yoga and functional movement for 15 years and have learnt from and trained with some of the best yoga and movement teachers in the world. My experience covers a range of modalities from Pilates and barre, to fitness and primal movement.

Helen in the yoga studio
Helen running on the coastal path in Cornwall
Helen in nature practising yoga

I developed the Connected Yoga Method – connecting modalities, with yoga remaining at the heart – to create yoga-inspired movement influenced by modern functional exercise techniques, to optimise the way that we move.

My programs take a core-centric approach to whole-body wellness and function – because when we move from a strong, connected core centre (which includes hips and glutes!), we move in a more naturally dynamic, connected, confident and healthy way.

As a lover of sport and movement, over the years I’ve worked with many athletes, particularly runners, in empowering them to overcome injury and to move with enhanced strength and ease. This is the route to doing what you love, for as long as you want!

Overall, I’ve had the pleasure of working with 1000s of people around the world – helping them heal pain, feel stronger, move freer, run faster, and enjoy moving more.

And I want this for you, too 🫵

Because you deserve to feel your absolute best.