Yoga for IT Band Syndrome

Our IT band is that thick band of fascia that runs from the ilium at the top on the hip, down the outer thigh, and attaches just under the knee to the tibia. As I wrote a few weeks ago, it’s main function is to keep our knees in place when we move, linking them to the pelvis for stability.

You may be aware that many runners suffer with IT Band Syndrome, which often manifests as a horrible burning pain in the outer knee. It’s caused when the connective tissue of the ITB becomes inflammed, when repeatedly irritated against the femoral epicondyal as the knee flexes and extends – which his why this complaint is so rife in runners!

If you suffer with this, there are several things we can do. They are all relatively simple but, as with all worthwhile things, take consistency and commitment 🙂 


  1. Get your running gait checked (ideally on one of our Run Better with Yoga Retreats!). Heel strikers suffer with IT issues more, and usually feel the pain when the heel hits the ground.
  2. Learning to change to mid foot landing and run with a safer, more efficient technique can take some time and dedication. As you strengthen, release and gain greater awareness of the right areas for good form, you will simultaneously be helping to relieve the ITBS.
  3. Focus on strengthening the pelvic stabilisers and
  4. Focus on releasing TFL.


Yoga can do this fantastically, particularly with these few moves, in addition to my other video on this topic last month.

In this video, I’ll show you 3 or 4 ways to help relieve, or keep ITBS, at bay.


It really can be simple to stay injury-free, it just takes awareness and a bit of discipline to create new habits 😉

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