Yoga for feet and low legs – stretch and release

The feet and lower legs are an often overlooked area when it comes to stretching and strengthening – but for runners it’s essential.

In this video I’ll teach you 5 simple poses that will stretch out the soles, ankles and Achilles. Why? Feet are designed to get used a lot, but they’re often kept in shoes that don’t allow for their natural movement. High-heels, and even running shoes with a high sole at the heel, cause contraction in the calves and the arches. Once in a while this is fine, but over time can create an imbalance and injury, such as plantar fasciitus.

Plantar fasciitus can be caused when repetitive movement creates too much stress and tension in the fascia, leading to severe heel pain. So, pre-existing tension in the foot will contribute. The other cause of PF can be lack of strength in the foot, and the wrong shoes – this we’ll cover next month!

If you run a lot, or have a job that requires you to stand for many hours a day, then take care of your feet. Do this class, or similar, regularly.

How do you feet and ankles feel before and after?

If you have plantar fasciitus, then go really slow and probably only part way into these poses. It can help but listen to what feels good and what doesn’t.

All my best, Helen

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