Sun Salutes and pelvic stability

Last week, I talked about two main reasons runners suffer with knee pain: Over-tight IT Band and lack of pelvic stability – but that if you have one, you most likely suffer with the other!

Remember, everything in the body is linked and a problem cannot be isolated to one specific area… 

That’s why yoga is so amazing! We get to work on the whole body, in a holistic approach, that over time balances out our major misalignments.

So, if there’s a lack of pelvic stability because of insufficient strength in gluteus medius (primary pelvic stabiliser), then something else will overcompensate…

In this case, it’s often the TFL (tensor fascia lata) that gets over-worked and tight, pulling the IT Band and adding to the knee pain you may have from the pelvis dipping! (How to release TFL tension, coming up next week!)

Today’s video is an extension of last week’s. It takes you through the Sun Salutes as a great warm up, you’ll re-visit the Chair Lifts (any easier?), plus another great effective pelvic stabilising posture, Tiger.

I use so many variations of Tiger in my classes (as you’ll know if you’ve been on my retreats!), as it works core, hips and upper body all together.

A quick note – there is absolutely no need to know your anatomy, so please don’t worry about looking up and remembering those muscles. But I know for some of you it’s useful to know exactly why you’re doing something 😉

How’s your progress/ practice coming on? Write to me just below!

All my best,