Yoga for Piriformis

Piriformis has the function of externally rotating the hip joint, with the help of the deeper and smaller GOGOQ muscles. Weakness in the GOGOQs can lead to Piriformis over-working and accumulating an excess of tension – as can over-use and a lot of sitting!

In this video, I show 5 poses that can help strengthen and stabilise the deeper hip rotators and release tension in Piriformis.

This has been my most viewed video on YouTube, so it’s clearly an area that many people suffer with! Here is what one viewer has said:

“Hi Helen, I just wanted to let you know your particular exercises in this sequence completely changed my life. For 4 years, I have been dealing with a major issue where I couldn’t sit comfortably anywhere and hold my children or pick up groceries or do very simple tasks because of my piriformis muscle. I did have back surgery which fixed a herniation the back pain 2 years ago but I still had trouble sitting or being mobile. After a few more years I got another MRI and EMG and found everything was clear but I still had pain. The doctor suggested I had Piriformis syndrome & an IT band issue. That night I found this video and immediately felt a release of that muscle! All of my mobility came back 100% so thank you!!!!! They were the perfect exercises!!!”

If you are new to yoga, or suffering with an injury or complaint, I recommend getting medical advice before you begin a yoga practice. 

Do you suffer in this area? Let me know if these poses have also helped you, in the comments below 🙂

Very best wishes,