How to avoid knee pain! With increasing pelvic stability

Knee pain is unfortunately a common affliction in runners – and yet, there are so many things we can do in yoga to help!

Obviously, knee pain can be caused by a whole range of reasons. But, there are two particularly common culprits:

  • Over – tight IT Band
  • Lack of pelvic stability

If you have one of these, you are likely to have both!

Today’s video guides you through a few rounds of my Runners Sun Salutes, which are ideal to warm up before running. It also includes a really simple way to help strengthen the pelvic stabilisers – gluteus medius being the primary muscle in this group.

We need sufficient strength here, so that our pelvis remains level when we run. Lack of strength here, causes dipping from side to side, resulting in unwanted pressure in the knee joints.

Do this video before any run, or on a non-running day and we’ll continue this topic next week! 

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