Yoga for Runners: Strength and Mobility, Release and Recover – New Video Series


I’m so excited to share this trailer with you! I’ve been working on these videos all year, and we’re finally ready to share them with the world! What do you think of the trailer? Let me know in the comments below! 

This week you may see the trailer out on social media, along with a competition to win a copy 🙂 Pre-order opens on Saturday 15th September for only £10, and the release date is 22nd September!

Strength and Mobility, Release and Recover

Run for longer & reduce injury, with these yoga classes, designed specifically for runners.

Yoga provides us with greater strength and flexibility, as well as release and recovery – leading to better running technique, reduced muscle fatigue and injury.

In this video collection, you get a pre-run strength and mobility class, a release and recover routine, as well as a short post-run sequence. 

In addition, you receive a guide relaxation class to help you relax, focus and visualise running with natural, ease and joy, the way running is meant to be!

Available to pre-order on September 15th! You’ll hear first via email, so make sure your on the mail list – enter your email and Connect.

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