Release Shoulder Tension: Improve Posture

Our repetitive, daily forward-motion activities (driving, running, typing, reaching, etc.) take their toll on our posture. With actions where the shoulders hunch forwards, the pectoral muscles tighten and the infraspinatus at the back of the shoulders weaken.

If time isn’t taken to release accumulated tension in the chest and shoulders and to strengthen the back of the body, our posture will be greatly affected, which impacts our ability to breathe to our full capacity, to sit and stand to our tallest height, and to walk and run with proper alignment.

When we’re out of alignment, we’re at greater risk of injury because our spine is vulnerable. When running, only with proper posture and alignment will be able to run with optimal efficiency.


Try this pose, morning or evening, to open the chest, release the shoulders and lengthen the spine. You’ll need two yoga blocks – place one length ways along your upper spine, and the other at full height to support your head.

Spend a few minutes, then, if comfortable, reduce the height of the block under your head. Watch the video below, that includes a few other poses to release the shoulders and open the chest and upper back.