Can Yoga Help You Loose Weight?

How diet, exercise and breathing are all inextricably linked

We all have different reasons for coming to yoga – many are looking for a way to relax and de-stress, just as many are aiming to increase their flexibility or mobility and some are aware that they need to strengthen in order to protect or repair. I don’t think that many people come to yoga with the expectation that they will loose weight, although I know that several students desire to. But there is a way that yoga will lead to the best kind of weight loss – healthy, sustained and easy.

In order for exercise to directly lead to weight loss, the heart rate needs to reach 60-70% of maximum heart rate. For the majority of people, this amount of effort will induce sweating, which is why the popularity of Hot Yoga grew so exponentially. That feeling of being hot and sweaty, simulated the same effects of increased heart rate and the feeling, or assumption, of burning fat. However, just because you are practising yoga in a hot room does not mean you will loose weight more efficiently!

A dynamic Ashtanga or Vinyasa Flow practice, done regularly, can most definitely help to tone, strengthen and shed excess body fat. Yet, the most effective way that yoga leads to weight loss is the effect that is has on what you eat. Moreover, it’s the effect of breathing more efficiently through asana and pranayama practice, that impacts what you choose to eat.

I have eaten vegetarian most of my life but when my yoga practice increased and developed into a daily practice, I naturally turned to a vegan plant-based whole food diet without much thought. I just didn’t feel like eating foods that were not healthy any more. The thought and research into the benefits of a plant based diet came later.

As Simon Borg Oliver, director of Yoga Synergy says, “I eat whatever I like whenever I like, however much I want. But because of how I regulate my posture, movement and breathing, my main food and all I really like is fruit, salad and vegetables.” Simon also runs conferences and courses on Yogic Diet and Nutrition.

Anthony Grim Hall also eloquently writes on his blog about it seeming very much like it is the practice that causes us to loose weight, but that it is so much more – you notice that your whole mood changes, you feel lighter, more respectful of the vessel that is your body, and you choose to eat differently.

Of course it’s not the practice, it was never the practice, all the practice did really was to provide the discipline to eat more circumspectly. And yet I suspect I’m not alone, I’m sure there are many who associate their physical condition with the practice itself, with how they practice rather than the relationship between how they eat and the practice they have.”

Essentially the yoga practice gives us the discipline needed to observe our bodies and what we’re putting in it and it teaches us to breathe more efficiently and slower. The slower we breath, the more relaxed we feel and the more satisfied we feel with eating less and light, such as fruit and vegetables. The faster we breathe the more we desire heavier foods, such as meat and cheese.

So, increase or develop your yoga practice, paying particular attention to the breath; learn and practise pranayama (breathing) techniques; make the conscious decision to eat better – cut out or reduce meat, diary, gluten and processed food, eat more fruit and vegetables. Follow the yogic principles of the Yama and Niyama by treating yourself with love and respect, applying self-discipline and finding contentment and you will find the ideal, natural state and weight that you are meant to be.

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