What I learn from teaching you!

I posted on social media yesterday that I learn just as much from my students as they do from me, and I think that all teachers of any subject always do! Aside from your own dedicated practice, you learn more from teaching others than anything else, which is why the more experience you have, the better a teacher you often become. Now in my eighth year of teaching yoga – to adults, teenagers and children – I love it more than ever because the more I learn, the more I have to share and the more I believe in my own knowledge and purpose. When you truly believe in what you’re teaching, you teach with love, compassion, humility, passion and purpose. I believe a teacher should never be without these feelings.

Last week I taught a group of triathletes at a training camp in Lanzarote – all levels and abilities at each of the disciplines and at yoga. I know a lot about swimming, and a lot about running, and not quite so much about cycling, but I trusted in my knowledge and delivered to them what I felt would benefit them the most. I’ve always had a strong anatomical focus in the way that I teach and have taught numerous athletes; I can gauge the energy levels of the class, I consider the training sessions they have just completed and I follow my instincts as to what they really need at that moment. And the results last week were great – I am ever surprised at the benefits that yoga can offer – even when cycling 200km over a few days! My guests were saying how they would normally be aching much more, how a reoccurring knee problem had not appeared, how well they were sleeping and pumped up the next morning!

As a teacher it’s important to trust in your knowledge but to continue to be inspired by your students – to allow them to guide the direction of the class… to teach them what they need, and not just what is planned. With time and experience I have found it becomes easier to read the needs of the class and let them take the lead… 

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My triathlete retreat guests were able to train more effectively, recover and avoid injury by practising yoga twice daily – why not explore yoga and experience the positive impact on your chosen lifestyle?