Why Yoga for Triathletes?

Triathletes are known for being immensely dedicated to their training and racing, and are often willing to try all sorts of new equipment, diets and strategies in order to enhance their performance! Yoga has become hugely popular amongst athletes of all sports as a long-term complement to their training, and triathletes are no exception.

If you’re a triathlete considering the benefits of yoga to you, here are 5 reasons to find yourself a good yoga teacher:

  1. Tension – whether you train twice a week or twice a day, the three disciplines will be building up muscle tension throughout many parts of the body, particularly hips, hamstrings, back and shoulders. Yoga postures safely and effectively release tension in the muscles through targeted, mindful stretching and re-lengthening of the muscles.
  2. Posture – running and cycling in particular can have a negative affect on your posture, especially if your core strength needs a bit of work and your bodily awareness can be improved! There are many yoga poses that help to build core strength and re-lengthen your spine, improving posture and efficiency.
  3. Strength – the strengthening side to yoga allows you to safely strengthen key joint and core muscles, protecting you against injury and boosting power.
  4. Focus – an athlete’s focus and mental attitude is vital to succeeding and yet it is often over-looked. Many pro-athletes begin a yoga practice primarily for this reason. Use mediation, breathing techniques and concentration to take your focus, and performance, to the next level.
  5. Recovery – perhaps the most significant reason of them all, yoga provides you with time to not only release tension but to consciously relax. This gives your body the chance to rejuvenate and replenish optimally before you require it to work again!

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