Escape! 5 reasons to take a Winter warm-weather (yoga) break

I’m sure you don’t need an excuse to escape the Winter cold but here are my top 5!

1. Your skin will likely be in need of a radiance boost from more sunshine and, more importantly, the Vitamin D that your body makes from it. If you’re feeling weak or achey and suffering with frequent illness this could be a sign that you are Vitamin D deficient! Vitamin D helps control the amount of calcium that’s in our blood, and a lack of calcium has been linked to depression. So, more sunshine makes us feel happier! There’s a medical reason to go away!

2. It is freezing here! And, here in the UK, we’ve had a crazy number of consecutive days of rain!! Moreover, we feel stiffer in the cold and potentially less likely to go out to yoga class when there is a warm fire to sit in front of at home (well done to the vast majority of my students!). Get to a warm-weather yoga retreat and enjoy morning heat that lasts until your evening practice.

3. Get more light. Spring is in sight but the days are still short here. Over a quarter of the UK population suffer with some degree of Seasonal Affective Disorder, caused by minimal daylight hours and sunshine, affecting our mood and function. Get to a tropical destination and be up with the sun by 6am and fit more fun time into your day…

4. Work less, play more. Speaking of fun time, many of us spend way more time inside during the Winter (obviously, it’s freezing out there), so do less fun activity outside. Unless you’re one of those crazy trail runners I know, who have a strange idea of fun 😉 Go somewhere warm and try something new – like acroyoga on the beach, surfing or stand up paddle boarding.

5. Eat healthier. I must say I love my fruit and veggies all year round but I know that Winter is a time when many of us reach for the comfort food and indulge in chocolate and wine by the fire. It’s easier to eat less and more healthily when you’re at the optimum body temperature, especially if it’s fruit fresh from the trees and served for you!

In conclusion, why not try out a plant-based, warm-weather yoga retreat, in say, Costa Rica? Well the good news is we have been given an extra two rooms on our retreat in Mal Pais – starting next week! Share a 3 bed apartment for just $1170 per person (about £800) or take the last double/ twin deluxe room for $1470, this can also be made into a private. See all the details about Awaken your Spirit, Strengthen your Soul in Costa Rica 20-27 February.


6-8am Surf Time or Meditation
8-9am Power Breakfast
10-11.30am Vinyasa Flow Yoga
11.30am-1.30pm Surf Lesson
1.30pm Super Food Lunch
3-5pm Beach/town time (SUP yoga, acro yoga, surf, chill out)
5.30-7pm Evening Yoga (Restorative yin yoga or workshop)
7.30pm Delicious Nutritious Dinner
9pm… Beach Bar or bed