How I set my New Year’s intentions

For the last few years I haven’t made New Year’s resolutions, I’ve made vision boards instead. A vision board can hold all your intentions and goals for the coming year but, whereas resolutions are too easily forgotten or not stuck too, having a more visual reference for what you want to achieve in your year can be more helpful, inspiring and fun!

Decide how you want to feel first. Then think about what you can do to feel that way. Not the other way round. (Read Danielle LaPorte’s Desire Map for more on this) This helps stay really clear on why you do things. Write down these feelings in the centre of a page, then allow your intentions to grow from them! These desired feelings may range from joy, connection, love, prosperity, purpose, health and so on.

Write your intentions to achieve each feeling around them in the present tense for more power. There is great power in ‘I am’ and phrasing things in the present tense – you need to believe it to see it! (for more on this read Dr Wayne Dyer’s Living a Wishes Fulfilled Life). For example, ‘I am healthy – I go to two yoga classes a week’, ‘I feel flexible and energised – I practise yoga at home for 20 minutes a day, ‘I am motivated – I have a new job that inspires me’, ‘I have a purpose – I am training to be…’. 

Write words and sentences but you can also use pictures that inspire. Do this somewhere you will see it frequently, like the inside cover of a diary, or better still – on a large piece or paper or card that can be put up in your study or stuck on your fridge. Remember it is there to inspire you to achieve your potential, so make sure you can see it!

If you intend to delve deeper into your yoga practice this year, for any reason whether it’s increased joy, contentment, health, wellbeing or fun, consider joining me on one of the incredible retreats we have planned. Happy New Year!