Yoga for Girls

On the 8th November I opened the Our Girl Can day of sport for girls aged 9-11 in the Wadebridge area, teaching yoga to almost 200 girls. It was a great way to set them up for a day of fun filled activity! As well as more yoga (in smaller groups!), the girls got to mountain bike, dance and ride a smoothie making machine! Well done to the organisers for arranging a great event and inspiring young girls to be more active.

I have been teaching lots of girls recently, including a small group with special needs and some Year 11 PE classes – both entirely different, and yet both sets of girls gaining so much. The Year 11 girls enjoy the chance to do something different in PE, where they don’t have to run around and can stay on their own mat space. The group with special needs get to develop their mind-body connection and have some time out.

Yoga can be effective in so many ways, for so many people – invite someone to practise yoga with you and inspire them.