Roseland August Trail 2015

The renowned annual Roseland August Trail race was upon us again this weekend, with 600 runners taking part in the gruelling coastal trail race, which takes place on the south coast of Cornwall. Four distance options of 11, 20, 32 and 64 miles, makes this event suitable for all runners – and I know many who have worked their way up through the distances since the first RAT four years ago! I myself have endured and completed the 20 and 32 mile distances, but this year I took the more compassionate option (for myself!) of not running but offering complementary yoga after the run.

I placed myself and my mats in the glorious sunshine that we had on Saturday, close to the finish line, and quickly had triumphant athletes making their way on to a yoga mat with expectations of a swift recovery, perhaps! Some more worse for wear then others, the most common affliction after tight hamstrings were tight quads and IT bands – no doubt thanks to the arduous and relentless steps on part of the course. Many runners were also suffering with a sore lower back – which can be to do with the steps and terrain but mainly due to the impact the spine suffers over such a great distance. I led our trail warriors through a short series of yoga based stretches that would elevate the legs, re-lengthen the hamstrings and quads, and relieve tension in IT bands and the back.

For nearly four hours I had runners drop in and out of the session, the majority leaving with much greater mobility and ease than with which they arrived!

‘The yoga session was a great way to wind down after the run, thanks!’

‘Many thanks… probably why I could walk today :)’

‘Thank you Helen, it definitely helped, need pop-up yoga at every race!’

Read more about the benefits of yoga for runners and see you at another event in Cornwall soon!