Yoga for Children

I’m really excited to announce that I will be back at Lime House Yoga teaching yoga for children classes again from next month! It has been over a year since I last ran kids yoga classes, as I wanted to take some time out to concentrate on the work that I do with yoga in schools. Now I feel like the time is right to bring back children’s classes to the public and I can’t wait!

This time the classes will be divided into different age groups – 5 to 7s and 8 to 10s, which will allow me to pitch the class more appropriately to their age needs and be so much better for them. We are also asking that children are signed up for the whole term so that classes can develop each week and progress can be seen more effectively.

If you aren’t sure of the benefits of yoga for children, here are just a few: Yoga helps to maintain a child’s natural flexibility, which can be lost through sitting at desks and computers. Yoga improves posture by strengthening back and abdominal muscles. Yoga can improve behaviour by balancing energy levels. Breathing exercises and relaxation techniques improve concentration, memory and sleep patterns, by bringing stillness to the mind. Yoga releases daily anxieties and stress and increases self-confidence in your child.

Classes start on Wednesday 23rd September:

  • 4-4.45pm 5-7 years
  • 5-5.45pm 8-10 years
  • £50 for 10

Contact me to book