Yoga on the beach

I love to practise yoga outside – it feels so different when you have the sun and the clouds above you, and the sand or the grass beneath you. You can gaze at the clouds as they drift across overhead, and take time to feel the texture of the ground beneath your mat. Recently, I have been taking my classes outside at the Eco Park in Porthtowan on to the grass – the perfect outside space, where we listen to the birds and watch the clouds and the whirling wind turbines.

This week I also taught my first ‘popup’ beach class of the Summer, on the dunes at Porthtowan. In addition to my Summer Sessions at Mount Pleasant Eco Park, I want to make the most of the sunshine and take my classes on to the beach as much as I can by regularly teaching ‘popup’ classes.

Practising yoga on the beach you hear the sound of the waves rushing in and out, and can match it to the sound of your breathing… The feel of the sand under your mat adds to the experience, and the evening light is glorious as the sun makes its way down – savasana feels divine with the sun on your skin!

There are other benefits of practising yoga on the beach – classes can get really busy, and although we have always had room for everyone, there may not have always been space to fully stretch out… On the beach, however means you have as much space as required! And, over the Summer months everyone wants to spend more time outside and take advantage of the long days on the beach, now there is no need to let your regular yoga practice slip as you can do both at once!

The pop up classes will be advertised on social media a few days in advance, depending on the weather.