TeenYoga Glasgow 2015

Yesterday a newly qualified group of Teen Yoga teachers went out into the world to share the wonders of yoga with teenagers! I had a fantastic group of like-minded people, all with the desire to improve the lives of the young people in their communities. A wonderful mix of yoga teachers and school teachers, they all shared their experience and knowledge of working with young people. We took ourselves back to our teenage selves in role play yoga classes, where everyone’s skills shone through and everyone gained new skills – from finding the most appropriately pitched tone of voice to teach teens or the confidence to instruct the yoga itself.

I am hugely excited at the prospect of them all sharing yoga with young people but was most impressed and delighted by the attitude and aptitude of two male PE teachers, who were completely new to yoga. Despite their keenness, initially they had some trepidation at the prospect of a 5 day yoga course, yet they absorbed so much within just a few days, became hooked on practising yoga, and by the end of the course were able to teach a simple yoga for teenagers class that was clear and authentic;  I think they even surprised themselves! It was such a pleasure for me to guide them all through the Teen Yoga course, offering my own knowledge, experience and guidance in the theoretical discussions and in the practical classes.

We spent 5 days at Merchant City Yoga studio for the intensive course in the heart of Glasgow, a very cool city, with an aspiring yoga scene. The feedback from the students was immensely positive, with everyone excited to get out there and teach with a new found confidence. I absolutely loved teaching the course and look forward to the next chance to offer it in Bath this August.