Yoga for Teenagers

Over the past few weeks I have been busy providing yoga weekly to five different secondary schools in Cornwall, as part of lunch time or after school provision. With help from the Cornwall Sports Partnership, I have been able to provide these classes for no cost to the school or the pupils, so that all can take part.
The benefit to the young people is immense. Primarily they need to relax and unwind – so many of them are stressed over exams, which is made worse by having stressed out teachers! They need a form of physical exercise that has no element of competition, and that everyone can do, anywhere. Yoga is great for improving focus and concentration, as well as fitness and flexibility. It increases bodily and self awareness, therefore can increase self confidence. Plus it can be great fun and a welcome break in the school day!

If you would like to train with me and Teen Yoga to teach yoga to teenagers please get in touch.