Primary school yoga as spirituality

Last week I was invited to teach at Trevithick Academy, Cornwall, to teach a yoga class to the Year 3 children as part of their learning on spirituality and Hinduism. This was a first for me, as although I have taught yoga in many schools, this is the first time that it has been to focus on the spiritual, rather than physical, aspect of yoga.

It was a wonderful opportunity to be able to highlight how yoga can be a spiritual practice – in the way that we move and breathe mindfully, with respect for our body and withdrawing our senses to find a place of calm and peace inside.

It is encouraging to see primary schools taking an open minded approach to the spiritual and religious learning of their pupils, by offering them the opportunity to experience an ancient practice such as yoga.

The children, aged 7-8, loved the 45 minute class and all that gave feedback at the end said that they felt relaxed, calm and peaceful, even ‘floaty’. The class was fun – I didn’t use any Sanskrit terminology, and we didn’t chant. I did teach them Sun Salutations, and explained that it was done to be thankful at the start of each day; I asked them to pay attention to their breathing to calm themselves, and we closed our eyes and tried to find that place inside that doesn’t worry about anything, that is always happy.

My passion is sharing yoga with children, teens and adults. It has so much to offer each age group in different ways – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually – and I look forward to sharing it everyday.