Losing the nerves when public speaking on Yoga in Education!

In the last couple of months I have: led my own conference, presented a speech to over 100 people at the Eden Project, and given a workshop on teaching yoga in schools. I thought I would find these public speaking events nerve wracking, but actually I have found them quite easy! I think it is because I know what I want to share, I believe in what I am saying and doing, I am passionate about what I am sharing, and believe that it needs to be shared!

This year I have been fortunate enough to have been on the Cornwall Social Enterprise programme. It has been inspiring to learn alongside other social entrepreneurs, who are just as passionate about their businesses and their particular way of helping the community, as well as gaining insight and knowledge from experienced business men and women who are offering a service to others in one form or another. I enjoyed giving my graduation speech (pictured), where I had the opportunity to tell 100 plus audience members about yoga in education and it’s amazing affects on school pupils.

A couple of weeks later, I led my OWN conference, in Truro, Cornwall especially for teachers, to explain the benefits of yoga for young people and how I can help them implement it in their school. Alongside me I had Charlotta Martinus, awesome founder of Teen Yoga and a pioneer in teaching yoga to teenagers worldwide.

Then, I was invited to offer a workshop for teachers at the East Cornwall Primary PE conference, organised by East Cornwall School Games Organiser. This was a fantastic event, with lots of teachers in attendance, many of which were fascinated that yoga could even by offered in school, let alone learn about it’s positive effects!

I am looking forward to 2015, and the prospect of offering yoga in more schools and other educational settings. Watch this space for new training days for teachers plus another VERY exciting venture to help facilitate offering yoga to children and teenagers.