Yoga Medicine – Biomechanics of the Hip Training Module

As you may know, I am studying with Tiffany Cruikshank to become an Advanced Yoga Medicine Teacher. To achieve this status, I attend a series of teacher training modules, each one with a different anatomical focus. Last year I completed an in depth study of the spine, this year it was the intricacies of the hip.

The Yoga Medicine training focuses on the various problematic issues and injuries that are commonly suffered from, and how we can help prevent and rehabilitate them with yoga.

I love studying the anatomy! And I truly believe that in the West we should be using yoga as a therapy so much more, which makes this training both fun and immensely useful. Having already worked one to one, and in group situations with clients to advise them on how yoga can help remedy a whole variety of complaints, and having received positive feedback about how regular yoga has improved lives, I know it works!

So, if you feel you may be in need of some glut strengthening, or piriformis releasing, or are suffering with a problem you’re not quite sure how to treat – yoga may be your answer!