Yoga and Trail Running holiday Turkey April 2014

It is always a pleasure to stay and hold a retreat in such a stunning area of the world, but to be joined by such an enthusiastic, vibrant group of people, who are ready to be inspired, makes it all worthwhile. This is the second time that I have run the Yoga and Trail Running holiday at the Faralya Hotel in southern Turkey, and it won’t be the last, as a fantastic time was had by all. Although slightly chilly in the mornings at this time of year, by the time we had eaten breakfast and got to the start of our run route, the sun was shining warm and bright. I was up for a practise at 6.30am and warmed up after a few sun salutations, so on the next retreat I¬†will be offering an early morning, pre-run class, as the stillness at that time of the morning over looking the sea is something everyone should experience whilst there.

Here is a brief description of the week! On the first day I led the group of ten runners, of all abilities, down the mountain through a forest trail to the sea, we then followed the coastal trail through the luscious pine forests and over cliff sides to the next beach. The next day we were transported up the mountain behind the retreat to about 1200m altitude, where we ran through the mountain forests before descending down to the ancient town of Pinara to explore the temple ruins and amphitheatre. Day three began about half way up the mountain where we picked up the Lycian Way trail and followed its ascents and descents for 6 miles, taking in the incredible sights over Oludeniz, stopping off for a well deserved rest on the beach on the way back! Friday was a rest day, when many of the group visited the hamam spa or wandered around the city of Fethiye, others enjoying the tranquility of the nearest beach. The following day was another mountain forest trail, this time 8 miles, beginning near the historic ghost town of Kayakov. The last day we took a trail leaving from just behind the hotel, which took us on a higher trail to the beach we visited on the first day.

Yoga took place each evening, and also in the morning on the run-free day, on the yoga deck, which looks over the sea. I taught a range of classes that focussed on different areas, specific to runners but important for all. The classes were suitable for everyone, as there was a mixed range of experience in the group and included some meditation, breathing exercises, hatha and vinyasa yoga and relaxation.

Good food whilst on holiday is essential, and no one was disappointed here. The fresh, organic, locally grown, produce which made up the meals combined with the traditional, home cooking skills of the staff resulted in an exquisite range of healthy and wholesome cuisine. Thank you to all the staff who added to the brilliance of the week!