Yoga at St Merryn Primary School

Sad to have finished my six week stint at St Merryn Primary School, where I have been teaching yoga to both the key stage two classes this half term. The response from the pupils has been so enthusiastic and it seems that they have really understood the benefits of practising yoga! Today’s quotes were: “It’s made me stronger”, “I can do the poses better each week”, “I like getting to relax”, “It calms me down”. The pupils were able to explain which poses can help you to relax and commented that you can just concentrate on breathing, try to think of nothing and to feel confident in the poses. Their teacher said that it ┬áhas helped them with their science in learning about heart rate and that they were able to come up with ideas of how to calm and relax. He also used the yoga classes as an opportunity to assess their balancing skills. Over the six weeks the teachers and I certainly noticed an improvement in the balance and coordination of the children, as well as an increased ability to relax. The after school club also went down well, with parents enjoying the bonding time with their children and the chance to exercise and relax together, many have now said that they are now practising some of the poses together at home! Hopefully this has given the children a taster of yoga to continue for a long time.