Advanced Teacher Training with BWK and Ananda

I was lucky enough to spend a week in September at the beautiful Tresillian House in Newquay on one of Bridget Woods Kramer’s Advanced Yoga Teacher training modules, with special guest Ananda Leone (pictured). The focus of this module was advanced asana and pranayama. Each day began with an early hour of meditation or bandha practice, followed by a three hour workshop on asana and a three hour workshop on pranayama. The asana classes with Bridget were challenging but fun and inspiring, with Bridget’s attention to detail and alignment ever present, I can always learn something from her. Ananda’s classes were brilliant, this being the first time I had met him, I was overwhelmed at the man’s constant and infectious smile and energy. I soon found out the reason for this – as the week progressed our breathing exercises and kriyas became more and more advanced until we were all buzzing with prana!

I definitely want to restart my daily pranayama practice, which I haven’t done daily since my Sivananda teacher training several years ago, as I sense the benefits to be massive – particularly for athletes.