Police funding for Pool Academy pupils

Amazing news! I have just been able to start weekly classes for the pupils at Pool Academy, thanks to funding through the police. The funding is aimed at providing activities for students who are regularly getting detentions and those who are frequently turning to alcohol.

Non violence

Throughout the class we will return to this idea of compassion for all living things, specifically our peers. As we move through the postures and breathing techniques we think about the idea of treating ourselves with kindness and others in the same way. To be consciously considerate and kind to others, gives us more happiness and piece of mind, and less feelings of annoyance, anger or frustration.


The poses and focused breathing give us a greater awareness of our own body and therefore a greater desire to treat it well. Our body is our vessel for life, therefore we should treat it with respect. By keeping our bodies free of alcohol and drugs and staying fit and healthy we can live a fuller, happier life. We will repeatedly return to this theme of love and respect for our body, and the pointlessness of filling it with alcohol, which puts ourselves in danger and our health at risk, in addition to losing the ability to think clearly.


The emphasis made throughout the class will be to be happy with yourself as you are, not to try to ‘fit in’ or be socially accepted by behaving in a way that is not beneficial to yourself or others. Appreciate your body the way it is, look after it and others.