Yoga for Core Strength Workshop

Sunday 22 January 10am – 1pm

Wellbeing Studios, MMI, St Agnes – £21

Strengthen. Protect. Empower.

In this 3 hour workshop we’ll explore yoga techniques and Vinyasa based sequences, that focus on strengthen each area of our core – front, back and sides. By strengthening all of the core muscles that support the spine from all sides, rather than just the superficial ‘6 pack’, we provide optimum support for our spine. It is our deeper core strength that reduces back ache and risk of injury, improves posture, confidence and power.

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Join us for fun, challenging, strengthening Vinyasa yoga sequences, interspersed with core targeting techniques, inversions and arm balances.

This workshop is accredited as 3 hours of CPD by Yoga Alliance Professionals.

Your investment for this workshop is £21.