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Adult Group Yoga Classes Cornwall

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Monday 6.45-8pm Vinyasa Level 1-2 Linking the breath with movement, these classes build upon fundamentals of proper alignment to develop strength, balance and flexibility. 

Wednesday 6.45-8pm Vinyasa Level 1-2 Poses are linked together using the breath to create a flowing rhythm that can build strength, stamina and flexibility, and evolve your practice into a moving meditation.

Thursday 6.45-8pm Vinyasa All Levels For new and experienced practitioners, these classes build upon fundamentals of proper alignment to develop strength, balance and flexibility.

Please arrive at least 5 minutes before start, up to 15 minutes before. New students will be required to register. Classes continue on Bank Holidays, unless stated otherwise. Wear something not too loose but easy to move in. Bring a mat if you have one, some spares are available.

Last class before Christmas: Thursday 21st December. First class of 2018: Thursday 4th January!

Mount Pleasant Eco Park, Chapel Hill, Porthtowan, Cornwall TR4 8HL

This was my first course of yoga and I am a notoriously awkward student but Helen was superb. A calm composure allows her to relate to all levels in the group and centres the session into a relaxed space. Instructions are clear and concise and time is also taken to touch on the origin and meaning of poses. I find that I have gotten so much more from these sessions than I first intended and strongly recommend Helen for anyone new to or practiced in yoga. - Bryan, Cornwall


Our students say

Andy, Gig Rower, Porthtowan

I have been a pupil of Helen’s for a while now, firstly on a 1 2 1 basis, then in her classes at Porthtowan Eco park. I have wanted to give yoga a try for a long time and I’m not sure why I haven’t sooner, I wish I had. I have found the teachings of Helen to be one of the best workouts on an all round physical and holistic level around.

I am a gig rower and terrible surfer and not flexible in the slightest. I have found the Vinyasa Flow Yoga taught by Helen to be relaxed but definitely pushes you and has loosened certain areas and worked parts of me that I haven’t felt before.

It has given my rowing technique a massive new dimension, due to better core strength and flexibility, my reach and pause has improved, I feel I can use that to project more power into each stroke, but making each stroke more efficient as I’m not rushing and relying on brute arm strength. I feel far more relaxed when rowing and this has shown in the timing within the gig.

Frances, Isle of Tiree

I was lucky enough to be living on Tiree when Surf Tiree and Helen Clare Yoga held their 2015 retreat offering twice daily yoga classes over two weeks.

Attending Helen’s classes invigorated my yoga practice and left me feeling strengthened and refreshed. Yoga helps you to get through busy times; the busier life feels, the more a yoga class can give you a break and a boost.

I found that the pace of Helen’s yoga classes suited me and that the balance, of the strength building poses, along with work on flexibility and opening was carefully planned for each class and delivered to us in a kind and professional way.

Helen is a full time yoga teacher and this commitment shines through in her teaching. The pace and flow of the classes was faultless. The level of personal attention was generous and I found that the adjustments Helen made when we worked deeper into poses were really helpful.

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