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Yoga Classes Cornwall

Adult Group Yoga Classes Cornwall

Helen runs Vinyasa Flow yoga classes for all levels at the Mount Pleasant Eco Park Porthtowan and the Miners and Mechanics Inst. in St.Agnes. My last class at the Eco Park is Thursday 1st March! From Monday 5th March, classes will be held at Five Elements, Silverwell.

Private Yoga Classes Cornwall

If you are new to yoga or have a specific area you would like to focus on a individual or group private yoga class can be arranged at a location of your choosing.

Yoga in Schools

Helen Clare Yoga provides yoga classes to pupils in Primary and Secondary schools in Cornwall, UK, as an alternative way of improving physical, mental and emotional health and wellbeing as well as yoga for children classes at Lime House Yoga.

Yoga for Athletes

Yoga for athletes is an important focus for Helen Clare Yoga, and we provide tailored classes for your athletic and sport club.

Yoga Retreat Cornwall

In addition to a regular practice, a yoga retreat in Cornwall or a more exotic location, is a great way to dedicate time to your yoga and develop your physical and inner self.

Take time to explore this section and find the right class for you.

Testimonial 1
Helen’s yoga classes have helped me to manage a recurring knee injury, improving my hip stability and core strength, and enabling me to train consistently. I’d recommend it to other runners as a way of supplementing their training. – Colin Snook, Cornwall AC
Testimonial 2
Yoga started as a way to improve my core, flexibility and balance, but you quickly start to notice the mental benefits also, with an increased sense of calm and the ability to focus. Helen’s classes have a great positive effect on both body and mind and I feel better physically and mentally from a regular yoga practice. – Dougie, Surf Instructor, Cornwall

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