The Best You: One to one yoga, nutrition and coaching

Private yoga sessions offer an increased personal experience with a bespoke class and undivided attention. You may have been suffering with a problematic area that needs some individual attention or you may just like a tailored class, to work on a specific area of your practice or to gain a deeper understanding of yoga.

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The benefit of a private yoga class – Cornwall or Online

If you are suffering with an injury of any kind and are interested in using yoga as a therapy to help rehabilitate and reduce risk of further damage, then a one to one session might be best for you. As every body and every injury or problem is different, a private session will allow the yoga postures to be specifically tailored to your needs. After time and progression many students can then join group classes again.

One to one yoga £45/ hour or 10 session prepayment £375, £60/ 90 minutes or £525 for 10.

One to one yoga and meditation includes a full consultation, to offer a sequence to suit you, your body, injuries, misalignments and imbalances, that will work on optimising your personal strength, flexibility and overall wellbeing.

“The 30 day, best you programme combining fabulous online yoga with Helen and so much more with a great plan using Arbonne products and plant based nutrition has revolutionised my year, if not my life. I can’t recommend this highly enough and to Helen, much gratitude and many blessings, you are a vibrant energy of loveliness and positivity.” Susan

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30 Day Plans

  • Yoga for life – £160, 4 x 75 minute once weekly one to one sessions personalised sequence and home practice plan.
  • The Best You: Yoga for life + plant based nutrition advice OR life coaching – £240, 4 x 90 minutes – includes weekly one to one yoga, personalised sequence with home practice plan, plus advice on how to transition to a plant based diet to cleanse, revitalise, reboot your system and be the healthiest version of you, or mBit life coaching to help you rediscover your innate wisdom for enhanced life choices and decision making.

The 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond is a nutrition plan and cleansing program that detoxifies the body by focusing on a plant-based, alkaline diet to boost energy levels and vitality! It can help you get rid of toxins and inflammations, reduce headaches, lethargy and skin complaints, as well as a drop off a few extra pounds if needed! As well as prevent serious health conditions and diseases in the future! This plan is easy to implement and all about making small changes to last a lifetime.

  • 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond, Arbonne Nutrition plan – £253 (£228 for repeat clients) including registration, 12 month discount and free gift in first order – includes full vegan nutritional supplement set worth £380, recipe book, meal plan, shopping list, qualified holistic nutritional therapist advice and support in private FaceBook group!
  • The Best You + 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond – £395 includes the 30 Days to Healthy Living and Beyond nutrition Plan, plus 4 x 75 minute weekly one to one yoga. 

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“30 days with Helen is an amazing, life-changing event, that I whole heartedly recommend. As a 47 year old female with both a physically and mentally challenging job within the NHS, I knew a little about what I should be doing to promote wellness, but finding time to actually do it was proving difficult. Enrolling onto this course has enabled me to make time for myself and ensure that I pay more attention to eating well.
Helen recommended a vegan diet avoiding gluten, caffeine and alcohol. The Arbonne nutritional support arrived quickly and I have been pleasantly surprised by how good the protein shakes taste. Snacking on nuts whilst at work has been very satisfying. Gradual and sustained weight loss ( with no hunger ) has been transformational. I have not missed anything from my previous diet before stating the plan and have no desire to return to it. Eating out has been more of a challenge and I would recommend checking menus online before booking a table to make sure there is something on the list to order.
As Helen is a conscientious and dedicated teacher, the one to one instruction was really useful. Having a few years of yoga practice experience I wanted direct individualised feedback on how to improve. Daily yoga has become a regular part of my day and I follow the recommended poses which work on my current weaknesses. 
Overall I feel healthier, lighter, stronger and happier and truly grateful to Helen for the opportunity to change my life for the better, forever.” Rachel
“I found that the individual yoga sessions have a really immediate and positive effect. They highlight your weakness/imbalance so you can quickly address and see results – rather than shying away from the exercises that would do you the most good. It gives a strong focus for home practice – something I always struggled to get going, and I can see I will have a strong focus in class (when I can get to a class!).
The nutrition really worked for me – the biggest change I saw was that my blood sugars obviously levelled. I stopped the hunger/fatigue/eat cycle. I lost a lot of weight in the end – 5.5kg, something I would never have expected or dare to dream I could lose. The nutrition I feel also had a very positive effect on my body for yoga, a general reduction in inflammation in my body is what I envisage it was as I was able to get into positions with much more ease at the end of the programme. I think they perfectly compliment each other and is well worth doing alongside – the 30days went very quickly, and bar a 3 day headache from caffeine withdrawal it really was pretty easy to stick to.
Helen is a very intuitive teacher, her fascination in the human body as a vehicle for movement is inspiring, and she lives the talk!” Alison

“I decided to do The Best You and 30 Days to Healthy Living, in a last-ditch effort to restart my diet eating. Years of clean(ish) eating had devolved into a very dirty diet. I fed myself promises instead: diet starts Monday, this is the last time. You know the sort of thing. Eating crap is a hard habit to break. Sure, I work out. Yoga four/five times a week, gym as well. I was doing it half right and ending up with nothing. The status quo was depressing, depressed Gym Bunnies soon find themselves in Tesco’s with a shopping trolley full of party food that no one else is invited to.

What made The 30 Days to Healthy Living plan different for me was its scale. You get protein shakes and tea, fizz sticks, fibre support, digestion plus, green balance a whole box of stuff to help you reorganise your regime. There’s a Facebook Group that runs especially for your time on the plan; people can share diet tips or plead for support. A recipe book, so you don’t have to just drink shakes an eat raw carrots for a month!

It helped me, I lost eight pounds put on muscle gave up coffee/dairy I don’t feel bloated I sleep better. My training/Yoga is much improved. I’m not a new man yet, but I no longer consider junk food an option. I’m not on a diet anymore, I’m living clean.” Martin



Private Yoga lessons with Helen are excellent. They give the opportunity to ask questions and understand a lot more about what the benefit of each position, breath and pose is. they also give you the chance to just get on with Yoga on your terms in your own time at a place of your choosing. The fact that there was no set up, or travel involved really helped. It was also great that Helen was able to give Jo, who is paralysed from the chest down, a complete hour of informed and well considered bespoke poses and relaxation techniques. - Richard, St Agnes

I like Yoga with Helen, she’s got me doing stretches in places I never thought I would stretch again since my accident. It feels very good. - Jo, St Agnes (chair yoga)