About Helen

Helen started on the path of her yoga journey 15 years ago, when she first tried yoga as a teenager. A journey that began with yoga as only a physical practice, has developed into a deep gratitude for all the additional spiritual, emotional and mental blessings that it brings. Having travelled the world and practised many styles of yoga with great teachers, Helen has found a love for a flowing vinyasa style, which makes up a large part of her personal practice alongside traditional Ashtanga.

Continuing to Develop

Helen endeavours to continually learn as a student of yoga and improve as a teacher, in a constant effort to deepen her knowledge and understanding. Since her initial Sivananda teacher training in classical Hatha yoga, Helen has trained with many internationally recognised teachers such as Bridget Woods Kramer, Sianna Sherman, Kathryn Budig, Kino McGregor, Doug Swenson and John Scott. Her main teachers are now Tiffany Cruikshank, founder of Yoga Medicine and internationally known Vinyasa Flow yoga teacher, with whom Helen has her 500 hours and is progressing towards 1000 hour Advanced Yoga Medicine teacher status, and Matthew Sweeney, one of Pattabhi Jois’ original Ashtanga students. 

Yoga in Schools

Helen has experience teaching to adults of all levels and to children and teenagers. Being a qualified primary school teacher enables Helen to understand the behaviours and requirements of children and young adults and the innumerable benefits that yoga offers them, particularly in the educational setting. Helen regularly teaches yoga as part of the curriculum in primary and secondary schools in Cornwall and Devon. Helen developed her way of teaching children in the primary classroom and has since also learned from Jo Manual at the Special Yoga Foundation. Helen has trained with, and been accredited by, Teen Yoga UK and has previously been part of the teaching team on the Teen Yoga teacher training courses. Helen is co-founder and co-director of classyoga.com, online yoga and mindfulness for schools.

Yoga for Athletes

Once a competitive swimmer to regional level, Helen has always been driven by sport, health and fitness. Now a keen trail runner and surfer, she is dedicated to spreading the health benefits of yoga and works closely with many athletes as part of their cross-training, injury prevention and therapy. Helen has gained the Leadership in Running Fitness certification and Sport Yoga instructor status, and all her yoga retreats have added elements of trail running, surfing or triathlon.

Teaching Style

Helen teaches a Vinyasa Flow style of yoga to adults of all ages and abilities, influenced by her Ashtanga practice and her training in Hatha yoga. This is a dynamic flowing form of yoga, where postures are linked together using the breath. Each class will work the whole body but sometimes there is a special theme or focus area, and every class always ends in a much needed Savasana (final relaxation).

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Testimonial 1
The fact that Helen can barely keep a smile off her face when she teaches says it all. Her enthusiasm for yoga is infectious and make her classes a pleasure to take part in. Yoga with Helen feels inclusive. Her attention to detail and patience have helped give me the confidence to start my own practice. There is always one more step if you’re up for it. – Martin, Porthtowan, Cornwall
Testimonial 2
If you want to feel taller, relaxed and physically stronger, I’d recommend going to Helen’s yoga classes. I was fortunate enough to attend Helen’s yoga retreat on Tiree for 2 weeks and it was absolutely fantastic! Helen is a highly skilled and attentive teacher who helped me to take my practice much further than I have managed to reach before (quite literally). – Lynn, Isle of Tiree, Scotland

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